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Get help with calculating and applying for your Centrelink entitlements today

Centrelink income support provides a vast range of initiatives. But it’s also a world that complex and confusing.

Do you know exactly what you’re entitled to? And as circumstances change, your Centrelink entitlements may, too. Keeping up with the changes is almost as challenging as completing the paperwork!

We can help.

With a firm understanding of your circumstances, we’ll help calculate your Centrelink entitlements and then liaise with Centrelink to make sure they’re processed correctly.

This is a service we offer our existing clients. If you’re not currently an existing client, feel free to check out our current services to see how we can help you.

Unsure of your Centrelink entitlements?

We’ll look at your personal circumstances and help you navigate the Centrelink overwhelm.

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Age Pension

Are you an older Australian? You’re eligible to receive a pension when you’re over the pension age provided you’re also:

  • Under the income and assets test, and
  • An Australian resident, and have been an Australian resident for at least 10 years

Not sure how to apply? We can help.


Disability Support Pension

Are you between the age of 16 and the pension age, and have a permanent medical condition that stops you from working?

If so, you may be eligible for the Disability Support Pension, provided you also meet the residency requirements and fall under the income and assets test.

Eligible but unsure of how to apply? We can help.


Newstart Allowance

Are you unemployed and looking for work?

Newstart payments are designed for Australian residents aged between 22 and 65. If you meet the requirements and fall under the income and assets test, you may be eligible.

Not sure how this fits in with your circumstances and where to start? We can help.

Why talk to Creo Wealth about your Centrelink entitlements?

We’re specialists in Centrelink entitlements in the PenrithBlue Mountains and Castle Hill areas. This means we know exactly what Centrelink payments and benefits are available to our clients.

If you’re like so many other Australians, feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start, we’re the perfect antidote. With clear advice and assistance, Creo Wealth is just what the doctor ordered.

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