Personal risk insurance

Insurance advice to protect you and your loved ones when the unexpected happens


Insurance ain’t sexy, but it gives you great protection

And it’s not only about protecting you if you suffer from a major medical crisis. It’s also about protecting your family in the wake of the unexpected.

With so many insurance options, what’s right for you?

The range of insurances is extensive so speaking with an insurance advisor is important. And the terms and conditions can be confusing. And there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Your appropriate personal risk insurance depends on your financial planning strategy.

But how do you know if you need:

  • income protection?
  • trauma or crisis insurance?
  • total and permanent disability insurance?
  • child or parent cover?

The list is endless.

Where are your greatest risks and what do you really need when the unexpected strikes? This is where a financial advisor who knows insurance comes in. That’s us!

Kylie and Anthony are great at what they do. Me and my husband have always received sound, professional advice with our interests at heart. Highly recommended if someone is looking for financial planning and insurance-related advice.

Rinshu Jain

Personal Risk Insurance FAQ’s

Why should I use a financial advisor to get insurance?

Ever thought insurance is just another checkbox? Think again. A financial advisor goes beyond just ticking the box, integrating insurance into your complete financial plan. They keep your coverage updated as life unfolds, ensuring you’re always suitably protected.

  • Holistic Planning: They look at your entire financial picture, not just insurance.
  • Life Changes: Your insurance needs evolve, and they keep you on track.
  • Protection Plus: Good advisors leverage insurance for wealth accumulation and transfer, too.

Life’s full of curveballs. A financial advisor helps you get the right insurance to weather those storms.

What expertise does a financial advisor bring to the insurance process?

Navigating the maze of insurance options can feel like learning a new language. A financial advisor is your translator and guide, diving deep into your financials to align your insurance with your overall life plan. They keep risk management at the forefront, ensuring you’re not just covered, but smartly covered.

  • Needs Analysis: They conduct a thorough financial check-up.
  • Market Knowledge: Up-to-date on the best insurance options.
  • Risk Management: They structure your insurance to guard against life’s risks.

They’re like your financial GPS. Advisors know the routes to secure your financial well-being.

Can a financial advisor help me find cost-effective insurance solutions?

Why pay more when you can get the right coverage for less? A financial advisor sifts through the noise to find the most cost-effective insurance solutions for you. They consider your budget and lifestyle, ensuring you’re not overinsured or underinsured, but just right.

  • Inside or Outside Super: They’ll recommend where to place your policy.
  • Budget-Smart: Advisors make sure you’re only paying for what you actually need.

They’re bargain hunters for the best policy deals.

How does using a financial advisor for insurance save me time and effort?

Tired of wading through endless paperwork and fine print? A financial advisor takes that load off your shoulders. They do the research, handle the paperwork, and even keep an eye on your policy with annual reviews.

  • Research: They do the heavy lifting.
  • Paperwork: They handle the tedious details.
  • Annual Review: A quick yearly check-up to ensure your plan still suits you.

Think of them as your personal shopper for insurance.

Will using a financial advisor for insurance result in better policy terms?

You’re not just another policy number when you have a financial advisor in your corner. They negotiate for you, striving for terms that are not just standard but advantageous. They also adjust your policy as your life changes, ensuring your terms are always in your best interest.Yep.

  • Negotiation Skills: They can wrangle better terms.
  • Ongoing Tweaks: Advisors make sure your policy grows with you.

They’re your advocate in the insurance world.

Can a financial advisor assist with ongoing insurance reviews and adjustments?

Imagine a regular health check-up but for your financial life. A financial advisor offers that yearly reassurance, revisiting your policy to make sure it still suits your evolving needs. They’ll recommend adjustments, ensuring you’re always on the most advantageous path.

  • Up-to-date: Life changes and so should your policy.
  • Policy Audits: Regularly scan to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

It’s like having a yearly medical check-up but for your financial health.

What should I look for when choosing a financial advisor for insurance?

Choosing a financial advisor is like hiring a personal trainer. You want someone qualified, recommended, and specialized in what you need. They should know the ins and outs of insurance and how it fits into a broader financial strategy.Trust is key. Here’s what to keep an eye on:

  • Credentials: Make sure they’re qualified.
  • Reviews: Seek recommendations or check their online rep.

Specialisation: Make sure they’ve got a strong insurance game.

Is using a financial advisor for insurance going to cost more?

Concerned about the expense of hiring a financial advisor? While there may be upfront costs, the long-term benefits often outweigh them. Your advisor finds you the best policies at the best rates, steering you clear of costly mistakes, ultimately saving you money.

  • Long-Term Savings: They aim for cost-effective, not cheap.
  • Avoid Pitfalls: No costly errors on your watch.

They can often save you money in the long run by finding you the best deals and avoiding costly mistakes.

How can a financial advisor provide peace of mind when it comes to insurance?

Uncertainty is a part of life. A financial advisor provides you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re prepared for it. With their guidance, you get more than an insurance policy; you get a comprehensive plan that evolves with you, offering reassurance for whatever comes your way.

  • Expert Guidance: They know the ins and outs, so you don’t have to.
  • Tailored Plans: Built just for you, for ultimate peace of mind.
  • Annual Check-ups: Regular updates to make sure you’re still on the right path.

It’s simple. They’re your safety net.

Just what is personal risk insurance?

Personal risk insurance protects both your family and your lifestyle if something happens to you.

None of us know what tomorrow will bring. But you can relax knowing that, if organised correctly, insurance will take care of you and your family if the unexpected happens.

You insure your house. You insure your contents. You insure your vehicles. It’s become standard in society to insure our ‘stuff’ – but what about those who are most important to us?

When faced with making tough decisions about your family’s health and wellbeing, do you really want to feel handcuffed? Because worrying about money is the last thing you want to do when facing such situations.

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Types of personal risk insurance

If you’ve developed a wealth creation plan, you need to put protections in place. Here are some of the basics.

Total & Permanent Disability insurance advice, and Trauma insurance advice

Medical emergencies and unplanned medical conditions are often, well, unplanned. Associated costs quickly spiral out of control. Insurances like Total and Permanent Disability insurance and trauma cover can significantly reduce that financial burden.

Income Protection Insurance Advice

How many of us could survive for more than a month or two without our salary or a regular income from our business?

This is where income protection comes to play. It ensures you’ll receive a regular income that’ll cover your day-to-day living expenses if you’re unable to work for a long while. How’s that for peace of mind?

Life Insurance Advice

Want to financially secure your family in the event of your death? While grieving, the last thing you want your family to worry about is how to pay the bills.

Life insurance can help your family to completely pay off your debts, such as mortgage and car loans. It can remove the stress of paying for bills and other ongoing living expenses during a challenging time.

Child cover and parent cover

We never want to think about losing a child or having them suffer an illness or injury. And if the worst happens, child cover insurance supports us while we grieve.

Insurance is certainly a backup and something we never want to use. But when you’re dealing with a devastating loss of a child, having the space to learn to live and cope again really is truly invaluable.

Want to see how insurance advice protects your future as well as your family’s future?

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