Shifting your attitude to finances for a Better Relationship

by 1 Sep 2021Podcast

Our attitude determines how well we do anything and then when we team that with aptitude, we can do awesome things. The same is true for our attitude towards money and finances. When we begin to have long term intent for our relationship, our finances will have an impact on our future together. It’s unlikely you’ve both got the exact same attitude towards money and shifting your attitude together can empower you to create a thriving relationship and future.

Kylie & Anthony are the Founders of Creo Wealth as well as a Wife and Husband team. Kylie was brought up in government-funded housing in Sydney’s Western suburbs and she shares some of the mindset shifts she needed to make to break away from the cycle of being poor. Anthony is a Certified Financial Planner and is the saver in their relationship. He shares how he navigated building a relationship and life with a spender. Together they help clients achieve the retirement that they not only dream of, but deserve.

We chat

  • The important conversations to have around setting and achieving your financial goals as a team
  • Shifting your beliefs about money and what is possible
  • How to collaborate when one person is a spender and one is a saver

Better Relationships

We empower couples to create thriving relationships so that they can play all out in life, set big goals and put plans in place to actually achieve them

Better World

Many research studies have shown that great relationships are associated with better health, greater happiness, and even a longer life. If more of us had thriving, healthy, happy romantic relationships, we know we would have a better world. That’s why, every time someone works with us, via our partnership with Buy1Give1 we also help someone else in the world. Yep a stranger, someone you’ll never meet.

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Kylie is the Yin to Anthony’s Yang.

With a Diploma in Financial Planning, she’s spent over 25 years in the financial services industry, using her knowledge and skills to successfully weave an adoration of style and travel, alongside business, into her life.

While Kylie brings experience and knowledge from brands like ANZ, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch, she also brings heart and inspiration to Creo Wealth. This shows in how she manages the Creo Wealth team who feel appreciated by Kylie (oh, and Anthony too!)

But Kylie’s heart and inspiration doesn’t stop there. She’s a huge spender and certifiable shoe addict. This, along with her upbringing, means Kylie truly understands how hard it is to get in touch with your money story.

She’s on a mission to educate people to help them understand their money story. And then give them the tools to begin rewriting it. Kylie loves to use her stylish shoes to kick-start people’s confidence to set and reach their financial goals.

And the fun part for Kylie?

She always looks classy when she challenges Anthony for that last M&M.