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Creo Wealth can help you implement wealth creation plans that deliver.

Did you know that investment planning isn’t just for retirement?

And that investment advice isn’t only for the rich?

Creo Wealth is a family-owned and operated financial advisory firmWe are located in Penrith, but service clients in surrounding suburbs including Kurrajong, New South Wales.  

Anthony Sultana is a financial advisor who enjoys a love affair with numbers and holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® designation. Alongside him, Kylie Sultana, is the mastermind practice manager, and organizational queen.

Our goal at Creo Wealth is to move away from the conventional ‘one size fits all’ approach. Instead, we focus on delivering personalized advice that caters specifically to your unique circumstances. Kylie is dedicated to helping you comprehend your money story and equipping you with the necessary tools to rewrite it for the better.

No matter if you are a novice at budgeting or already cruising confidently in your financial journey, we are here to support you. We firmly believe that wealth creation is not restricted to the affluent or high-income earners; it is accessible to everyone, regardless of their income or profession. It’s not about the size of your earnings, but rather how effectively you manage them.

So, if you’re seeking a reliable financial advisor in Kurrajong, we’d love to hear from you. We are committed to empowering individuals of all ages, guiding them towards a more secure financial future.

Kurrajong Financial Planners with that secret ingredient … personality

We may jest about the personality thing, but one of the reasons our clients at Creo Wealth get such great results from their financial planning is because they connect with us.

Why? Because we get it.

We understand the overwhelm that comes with managing your finances. We’ve experienced the fear that comes with feeling lost. And we know how challenging it can be to want to plan for your future but have no idea where to start.

We’re here to change that.

Finance has been a taboo subject for far too long and it shouldn’t be. So let’s start the conversation and see where it takes us.


If I can go from fielding debt collectors like a pro to living a life that I love, then so can you.

Kylie Sultana

Investment strategies tailored for you

Investing your cash is great for long-term wealth creation. The hard part? Understanding then implementing what’s best for you. But that’s why we’re here.

We like to give you a choice by recommending a range of different strategies. Here’s a taster:

Creo Wealth helps people like you with wealth creation through managed investments.


Maybe you’ve heard about the allure of managing your own self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF), thinking it’ll save you money and give you full control. Sounds tempting, right? But here’s the real deal: without professional guidance, it can actually turn out to be a costly and time-consuming adventure.

Investment planning

Whatever your financial goals are, we’re here to help you. From owning your own home to buying an island, we tailor our advice to you. No cookie cutter advice here! And if you’re after a closet full of Jimmy Choo shoes, then you’ll love Kylie, our resident shoe addict. No judgment here!

Creo Wealth helps people grow their wealth with superannuation


It’s so easy to take our superannuation for granted. But the reality is our superannuation will define our standard of living when we retire. The time to plan is now. The world of super is complex. But we consider ourselves superheroes of superannuation. Who doesn’t want a superhero on their team?

Personal risk insurances

At Creo Wealth, we’re all about the positives. But we’re also realistic. Because sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. Personal risk insurance protects both you and your loved ones when the unexpected happens. After all, why create financial freedom if you don’t protect it?

Creo Wealth helps people grow their wealth with superannuation

Retirement planning

With most of us spending a quarter of our life in retirement, the time to start planning for retirement is now. And that’s because what you do now determines your financial future. As experienced financial planners, we can help you plan for your ideal retirement.

Aged care support

Moving into aged care, or helping a loved one moving into aged care, takes an emotional and intellectual toll. This makes it hard to navigate through the complex aged care fee structure.

Why Creo Wealth?

We’re a family owned business. And we believe that everyone deserves financial freedom, regardless of your background. We’re passionate about educting you and guiding you on your way to financial freedom.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out some client love from past and current clients.

Our values

b3lineicon|b3icon-heart-care||Heart Care


We have a passion for numbers and helping you reduce the fear that comes with managing your finances. The result? You can walk your journey towards financial freedom with more confidence.



Ensuring our team is up to date with relevant knowledge. And spending time to educate you, so you can make informed decisions about your financial future.

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Presenting you with solutions that best suit your circumstances and your financial goals. No cookie cutter financial planning advice here.



We’re committed to helping you discover what financial freedom means for you. And we’re committed to helping you get there.

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At Creo Wealth, integrity is the name of the game. We’re huge believers in acting honestly and with integrity. After all, you need to work with a financial planner you can trust.

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Financial planning and wealth creation can feel so overwhelming. Which is why we treat our team members and you as our client with respect. After all, we’re all human.

Want to see what’s possible in your financial future?

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