Millionaire Mindset with Suzanne Walker transcript

by 26 Oct 2023Podcast

Kylie – Host (00:07):

So welcome, wealthers, to the Money Brew. I’m Kylie Sultana, your host. And today I have the beautiful Suzanne Walker, who, can I say, is the founder of Clear Path Accounting, an award-winning innovative accounting firm who are in the goal achievement business. Yes, indeed, you are. Their mission is to provide clients with clarity and direction that in turn empowers them to make bold and beneficial business decisions. You have a genuine belief, Suzanne, that accountants can make a profound impact on the lives of their clients, and you’re committed to radically transforming the lives of the clients on a financial, personal and emotional level. I can definitely say you do that because you are our business coach. But not only that, Suzanne, you were Penrith’s Business Person of the Year for 2021. I feel like I’m in the presence of greatness. Thank you so much for coming today.

Suzanne – Guest (01:04):

Well, thank you for having me, Kylie. I’m super proud to be here. It’s exciting.

Kylie – Host (01:09):

Thank you. So I have had you on before, but this is first time we’re doing video, so we’re looking fabulous, if I do say so myself.

Suzanne – Guest (01:16):

We’ve prepped ourselves.

Kylie – Host (01:18):

So I really wanted to talk to you today from a business perspective rather than your personal money perspective. And what’s some of the key financial metrics that every business owner should be tracking? Let’s just get straight into it, shall we?

Suzanne – Guest (01:34):

Look, I just think if revenue, they say revenue is vanity, but if that’s all you count. There’s only two things that you should really, really stick with. If it’s too complicated for you, go revenue and then go net profit.

Kylie – Host (01:53):


Suzanne – Guest (01:54):

Now the net profit, that’s the scary bit. That’s the bit that you keep. That’s the real performance of a business. But I would probably pretty much guarantee that 98% of business owners do not know their net profit.

Kylie – Host (02:09):

So when people first come to you, how would you measure the health of the business? What are the first things that you look at?

Suzanne – Guest (02:16):

I find that really, really exciting because in a matter of minutes with me looking through the financials, I know it sounds really riveting, doesn’t it?

Kylie – Host (02:24):

It does. But it is exciting.

Suzanne – Guest (02:27):

But I can already see the issues in the business, how they’re performing, and their potential. So I’m just like, let’s go. If you are the right client for us, we will invest so much energy and professionalism to help you get where you need to go. But I just think we’ve got this really great way of stepping back and looking into a business and then seeing the potential. And really, a lot of it is actually based on the business owner.

Kylie – Host (02:58):

And I was just about to say, what are some of the challenges that you face, particularly with pricing strategies? And I know that that was something for us as well that we had to work with. Do you come across a lot of, is it opposition, is that the word? And a do you get a lot of pushback?

Suzanne – Guest (03:16):

Okay. Generally, no. So by the time we have a strategy, and I do recommend this for most businesses, unless you are retail, you want people coming through the door. But a professional service type business, really, we have quite a rigorous screening, I suppose, process. And before they even meet any of the accountants, we already know that that client is ideal for Clear Path Accounting. And the first things we do when we take on a client is we are testing the business owner for, I don’t know, it’s really this drive. We are looking for the drive, the spark, the energy, the desire, the openness.

Kylie – Host (04:04):

Kind of like a first date. It’s the first date. You’re kind of looking for that va-voom.

Suzanne – Guest (04:09):

And how well we connect. Because we put so much time and energy into our clients. We want to work with the ones that we really, really love and that will respond really well to the way we work. And the first thing, I just love it, the first conversation mostly is like, how do I improve the business, Suzanne? And then my first thing, it’s my most favorite thing, which you probably already know, is where’s your pricing at? Because 90% of businesses are underpricing what they’re worth. So 90% of businesses are generally fearful. Well, the number one factor that’s stopping people from increasing prices is fear, number one.

Kylie – Host (04:51):

And I think that comes too, as a business owner, because I know that happened with us as well, more so Anthony. I think I was the one saying to him, “You’re not charging enough.” But I think after speaking to somebody outside of our business and not me. Obviously, being his wife, he just thinks that I’m biased. But when he hears it from somebody else, it sort of gives him that validation that he’s actually worth that.

Suzanne – Guest (05:14):

Yeah, that’s right.

Kylie – Host (05:15):

So I guess you would see that a lot with business owners as well.

Suzanne – Guest (05:18):


Kylie – Host (05:19):

Having an expert tell them that you’re not charging enough. So you get to see a lot of light bulb moments where they-

Suzanne – Guest (05:27):

Well, it’s also, when I usually quiz them about their pricing, and then I’ll put a figure out and go, “Can you charge that?” And then most people would go, “What? No, no. I have had a few clients that just said yes to everything. So they kind of know they need the help. And then we say, “Double it.” The go to take a big gulp in, “Well, are you sure?” “I’m positive because we can see other businesses as well, don’t forget. So we’ve got this little bit of inside knowledge.” So when I say double it and someone does it, immediately, I’ve got this one particular client that did it straight away, no pushback whatsoever. And then he just started sitting up really tall.

Kylie – Host (06:16):


Suzanne – Guest (06:16):

He was in business for 10 years and couldn’t make that profitability. He just felt like he was just on this treadmill. First meeting, we went through the numbers, I just said, “Double your price.” And then I look at his face.

Kylie – Host (06:33):

And so where is he now as a result of doing that?

Suzanne – Guest (06:35):

Oh, look, he’s a completely different businessman. The confidence that comes afterwards, I always say confidence comes after the fact. We’re all waiting to be confident, and then we are going to do it.

Kylie – Host (06:47):

So it’s a fake it till you make it kind of thing?

Suzanne – Guest (06:49):

It is the exact opposite. The confidence that comes with a business owner who no one knows that he doubled his pricing. No one needs to know that. We don’t need to scream that to the world. But he was definitely underpricing his business. So yeah, he’s like, “This is so great. I’ve got money in the bank. Now let’s move on.” So a lot of the time when a client comes in, they’re looking at their numbers only and they’re like, “Oh, the cash.” And then everything’s about tax and cash and profit. And then they don’t even look at the vision of the business.

Kylie – Host (07:24):

Yeah, because they get too deep in the, I need to get money in. And it turns into that vicious cycle. So you’re kind of like on the hamster wheel. So you’re like, oh, I’ve got to get more money in. So you’re just kind of hustling to get more clients and you’re kind of not looking at the big picture. And again, from personal experience, that’s exactly what happened to us. And I just praise the Lord for the day that you walked into our life because it is seriously life changing. And I know a lot of people talk about their accountants and how they don’t help them with all these things. So I want to backtrack a little bit onto what made you step out into the coaching kind of foray, moving from accounting into coaching?

Suzanne – Guest (08:08):

So obviously I’ve been an accountant for, dare I say it, 25, nearly 30 years.

Kylie – Host (08:14):

Oh, you’re not that old. Rubbish.

Suzanne – Guest (08:18):

And I did work for a traditional accountant back in the day. But I just knew, I just felt, I knew clients needed more. They wanted more, but they just didn’t know where to get it from. So when I started Clear Path Accounting, obviously advisory, sorry, the compliance side comes with the territory. But we use that as a real learning tool to learn about the business deeply. And then I just decided, that’s it. I need to provide more support. That’s how we can stand out as an accountant.

So basically, with compliance, there’s a lot of automation with Xero, and all your software is linking together. And I love the efficiency of that. Absolutely love it, because now my team can come out from behind the computer and actually have a conversation with their clients multiple, multiple times. It could be at least once a month, and it could be more than that if necessary. So they’re coming out behind the computer, the compliance side, and they’re using that information to guide a business forward, every movement forward. And to revolutionize in a business. It’s really just the ongoing small changes. It’s usually not that one big thing that can just go, wow, I’ve changed the business. This is great. It’s ongoing.

Kylie – Host (09:37):

It’s the one percenters. It’s all the little one percenters. Exactly.

Suzanne – Guest (09:40):

The one percenters, yeah. So I just love the relationships we build. It’s kind of like the doctor/patient relationship. We literally know everything about your life, but we just love it.

Kylie – Host (09:54):

Do you really?

Suzanne – Guest (09:54):

You know I know a lot about your life.

Kylie – Host (09:54):

I know you know everything. Shh. Don’t tell Anthony. So back to pricing. So what would be an effective pricing strategy that can balance competitiveness and profitability? How would you get someone to look at that?

Suzanne – Guest (10:20):

Yeah, really great question. For me, and I recommend this from my other clients. If you know your competitor’s pricing, you have to be above that straight away. Small business should never, ever compete on price. Ever.

Kylie – Host (10:36):

I agree.

Suzanne – Guest (10:38):

Compete on service, compete on quality, something like that. But not price. Take that out of the equation. So looking at the pricing, there’s a really great chart that I have access to, and I’ve shared it with you as well, that actually shows that when we put our price up, we can afford to lose a certain percentage of clients before it impacts the business. So when I explain that to a client, it’s just like, oh, okay, well maybe it won’t be so bad if I lose a couple of clients. We don’t want it to be too dramatic. And if it is, we’ll wind it back again. But I’m going to say, be playful. Play with it. Don’t be serious. Play with your pricing. Test it out. If you don’t get any pushback, you are 100% too cheap for what your services are.

Now, it’s your job as a salesperson to portray the value or sell the value of your services. People, they want to make sure they’ve made the right decision by investing in you. And your job as a sales person or the owner of a business is to ensure that they don’t regret that decision. That’s your one job. So if you’ve got collateral in place and information in place and you have an interview process, especially for service-based businesses, whatever that is, then you are portraying value every time. But also, I don’t know what type of shopper you are, Kylie. A really good one, I know you are. But when I shop, I do not ever buy the lowest or the second lowest or the third lowest. I’m usually probably around about the second from the top. So just remember what type of buyer you are, and at least price the same as that.

Kylie – Host (12:41):

And it’s proven true for us because obviously we increased our prices. You’re our business coach. Disclosure. We did increase our prices, but I think it’s left us available to work with the kind of clients that we want to work with. And those people that are driven by price are obviously not the right clients for us because they don’t value the service that we give. So I love those strategies. And something that really did help us as well, I just want to get into the Millionaire Mindset. So you started a Millionaire Mindset, is it a program, course for women? So I came along to the very first sessions of those and it was great for our business, but more for me personally to step up and realize that I do have a lot of value to give. And it actually inspired me to relaunch this podcast and do all these sorts of things. So can you tell us a little bit about that, and the new one that you’ve got coming up?

Suzanne – Guest (13:44):

Okay, so the Millionaire Mindset for Women in Business, because I have a business coach as well. So I need to be held accountable and make the ongoing changes in my business as well. But we work really, really amazing. I just love the man.

Kylie – Host (13:59):

You do have Chris. He’s amazing.

Suzanne – Guest (14:00):

And he really does kick my ass if necessary, which is great. But there were two things that we launched The Millionaire Mindset for Women in Business. There were two facts that I read and I thought, oh wow. So one of them is, less than 4% of businesses owned by women here in Australia reached the million dollar mark, revenue.

Kylie – Host (14:22):


Suzanne – Guest (14:27):

4%. So yeah, that was the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2018. Now I know that’s five years ago, but even if it doubled-

Kylie – Host (14:33):

But it would probably be less because of Covid.

Suzanne – Guest (14:35):

As I was going to say, even if it was doubled by now, it’s still less than 10%. Less than 4% of businesses owned by women reached the million dollar mark. And I thought, wow, why is this? Why? Are we choosing to be small? Are we putting everybody else first? Are we waiting for, I don’t know, our families to grow up a little bit before we significantly invest in ourselves?

Kylie – Host (15:03):

Put ourselves out there?

Suzanne – Guest (15:03):

Which is what I did. I waited till our youngest Lucy finished school before I started Clear Path Accounting. And then I read a poem and it said, “There comes a time in the life of a woman when she no longer plays small so others can feel big.” And when I put those two together, I just said to Chris, “I want to do this. I just want to do this Millionaire Mindset for Women in Business. I hate that statistic.

Kylie – Host (15:31):

We can do better.

Suzanne – Guest (15:32):

We can launch ourselves. We can gain the confidence. Is it confidence as well that was stopping women? And so I thought, that’s it. We’re going to launch this. And we had four weeks. We need to get bums on seats. So I just wrote it. We developed the program, and then I wrote to everyone I knew, and then I just started picking up the phone, “Get here. Come on, let’s go.” And every woman’s like, “Why would you pick me? Oh my goodness, no, I don’t deserve to be in the room.” Oh, hello, Kylie?

Kylie – Host (16:06):

[inaudible 00:16:07] Yes, yes. Hello, Kylie.

Suzanne – Guest (16:08):

“Are you sure I need, oh, that’s not really for me. I’m way smaller than this. Or I don’t deserve to be here. I’m not this big business woman.” And don’t get me wrong, there’s multiple women in that room with over-

Kylie – Host (16:21):

Amazing women.

Suzanne – Guest (16:22):

But they had over a million dollars in revenue anyway. But it was more the mindset. What are they looking for? And it was the confidence piece, really. So to back themselves a hundred percent, act quickly on every change that they make in the business. Know kind of what the theory behind a really good business structure looks like. Remove the fear away from numbers. So I find numbers exciting, but only because I chase the improvement every time. And so yeah, we developed this Millionaire Mindset for Women in Business. So we’ve had two programs so far. Each program, so there was seven in the first one, seven in the second one. And with the first program, we had a combined $2.5 million profit improvement in the first group.

Kylie – Host (17:15):


Suzanne – Guest (17:16):

Also 2.5 million profit improvement in the second group. So we’re like, well, this is great. And one part of the Millionaire Mindset program is a one-on-one meeting with the owners. And we go through your numbers and we pick three to five action points.

Kylie – Host (17:35):


Suzanne – Guest (17:36):

If you do these three to five action points, here is the result.

Kylie – Host (17:40):

And that’s what I loved about the program. It’s super easy. You’re really nervous about it because someone’s looking at your numbers. And even though we are in the numbers business, when someone looks at your business numbers, you’re kind of a little bit apprehensive. But there was no judgment. It was just, here it is. Here’s three easy things you can do, implement them. And this is the bottom line. This is how much you’ll improve the business. And we did that.

Suzanne – Guest (18:03):

You’re going great guns.

Kylie – Host (18:06):

We’re going great guns. We’ve hired an advisor.

Suzanne – Guest (18:09):

You’ve got two more employees.

Kylie – Host (18:12):

We have. It’s been amazing. It’s been amazing. And back to the Millionaire Mindset for Women, what I loved as well about walking into that room with those women is, I think it was the first one we shared about who we were and everything. And a couple of the women that I really looked up to as business women in the area said that they were intimidated that I was going to be in the room. And I’m like, what the hell? Seriously? They’re like, “Oh my God, we see you as this amazing person.” So being in a room with women that you admire, saying that they admire you does amazing things for your self-confidence.

Suzanne – Guest (18:49):

Well, we are always questioning ourselves. And then we have an image to portray and all of that type of thing. Don’t worry, we’re all there.

Kylie – Host (18:58):

We all do it. We all do it.

Suzanne – Guest (18:58):

And we still constantly are. So I cried the first time I had to make a phone call. People always think, oh, you’re so confident, Suzanne. I too had to fake it till you make it. This is all new. And I burst into tears. I said, “I can’t do this. No one’s going to buy it.” I go through the same process as everybody else. But I picked up the phone and I called one lady. I knew she was going to say yes. And I thought, I’ll do the easy one first.

Kylie – Host (19:28):

Just to get that score on the board.

Suzanne – Guest (19:32):

And it is, I suppose, a risk for people to join up in a program. However, our guarantee is that if you don’t get at least what you paid for it in that eight, nine weeks, then we will coach you for free until you do.

Kylie – Host (19:48):

And that’s amazing.

Suzanne – Guest (19:51):

And I can tell you, I’ve already measured all of the businesses that were there. Is it even a year ago? No, 10 months ago, I think.

Kylie – Host (20:00):

I can’t remember.

Suzanne – Guest (20:02):

Amazing results. 238% profit improvement.

Kylie – Host (20:06):

That’s amazing.

Suzanne – Guest (20:07):

98% profit improvement, 49% profit improvement, 28% profit improvement.

Kylie – Host (20:12):

That’s amazing.

Suzanne – Guest (20:13):

I mean, these are bottom figures. It’s the bottom line, the most essential figure in your business. So then we were approached a couple of times by men. They’re like, “Well, how come it’s only for the women?”

Kylie – Host (20:27):

That’s right. And that brings me too. So now you have a-

Suzanne – Guest (20:30):

Yeah, we’ve got a Millionaire Mindset ready to be launched for men in business. So that starts on the 22nd of August. It’s an eight-week program. And again, we will absolutely guarantee, if you do not get a return on your money, we just find that so easy. It’s not even a risk. There’s no risk here. So I will coach you. Chris will coach you. Between the two of us, our experience is quite enormous. Chris is a person who has, I explain him as a person who’s lived 10 lives in one.

Kylie – Host (21:07):

Chris is a very calming force. He’s very zen and very, I can’t find the word, to be around. He’s comfortable to be around. I don’t know if that’s the right word.

Suzanne – Guest (21:21):

But he’s also a champion for women.

Kylie – Host (21:23):

But he absolutely is. Yeah, absolutely is. And he’s just a definite force. You’re both a force. Together, it’s a dynamic duo, I call you.

Suzanne – Guest (21:32):

Yeah, thank you. And we do, we literally have so much fun doing it. So I’m like, “Righto boys, let’s go.” I want to see, what is his average improvement? So 359,000 profit improvement average per women business. So let’s go boys. I don’t want to segregate or anything, but I’ve just got a competitive nature here.

Kylie – Host (21:57):

So when it comes to the men and women, what do you find different in men and women in business? I find that men are a little bit more apprehensive and a little bit more closed up, less willing to share?

Suzanne – Guest (22:08):

Not really the men I work with. So yeah, obviously the screening process is really great. It was funny because I was talking to, I can’t remember who I was talking to, I think it was another client. And I said, “It’s funny, the people that we have attracted at Clear Path Accounting are generally the alpha female and then the more intelligent and sensitive men.” And that combination works really well for us. So I’m guessing that’s the type of man that’s going to be part of the Millionaire Mindset. And we’ve got some really, really great men joining this time. We’ve still got some seats available. Please go to our website.

Kylie – Host (22:51):

And I mean, self-development is such an important part of business as well. And I know Anthony’s going to be at that, so I’m really excited that he’s going to be there. And I believe we’re sending Sigo along as well. So great boys from Creo Wealth are going to be there. So that’s going to be interesting.

Suzanne – Guest (23:08):

And watch that space. I’m interested to see the difference of when people walk into the room, to the difference when they walk out eight weeks later. I know it was quite transformational with women both times. And yeah, I’m just really excited for the men. And I think, why would we do it separate? We’ve been asked that question as well. We know as women, we open up a lot more without being around men. And it’s nothing against men. I love them. I love them dearly. I just think you can be more open and be yourselves. And then the women, now we’ve got this group that have amazing friendships. They support each other, they share their wins. So why can’t we create that for these men as well?

Kylie – Host (24:04):

I agree. And yes, amazing friendships. There was some amazing women in that room. So Suzanne, to wrap up, what would be your top three tips for business owners that are looking to grow their business? They’re kind of stuck in that little, kind of like what we were, I guess, you are scared to hire somebody or a salesperson to take that next step because you’re like, oh, that’s going to cost that much. What’s your top three tips for those people?

Suzanne – Guest (24:33):

So I’m going to say, well, the first one is very obvious, is find your champion. Find your motivators. Find someone who sparks that fire. You started your business for a reason. So go back and remember, find that person to help you remember what that reason was. And then it’s really about motivation. So a business coach, an accountant, a best friend, a financial advisor, whoever it is, they’ll have a fire. It’ll spark the fire in you. Find that person and work with them, share the information, as much information with them as you possibly can because you’re going to get their experience.

Kylie – Host (25:13):

That’s right. And they’re going to champion for you. So that’s why you chose them.

Suzanne – Guest (25:16):


Kylie – Host (25:17):

Love it.

Suzanne – Guest (25:17):

And I’ll go into a story why I walked up to you that day. And she’s nervous now.

Kylie – Host (25:26):

She’s stalking me. That’s okay.

Suzanne – Guest (25:27):

I’m going to say, get your team involved. And that can be like meeting routine. It could be the morning huddle for me, as experienced, revolutionized the momentum of our team. Now, I do have an extraordinary team.

Kylie – Host (25:44):

You do. Yes.

Suzanne – Guest (25:45):

Really do. And they back me a hundred percent. However, it was the morning huddle that just started driving us every day. Because every day we are huddled around this whiteboard. Yes, an old-fashioned whiteboard. Why? Because it stares you in the face every day. And each team member is responsible for reporting a particular number on that whiteboard every day. It’s not coming from me. And so that morning huddle happens, rain, hail, shine, whether I’m there, every single day. And the drive, that comes from the team.

Now also sharing your numbers with the team. So your team are going to have a perspective about you and your business anyway. So why not share the real picture? You don’t have to share every number. The ones that they have the ability to input and change and drive, share those numbers.

Kylie – Host (26:41):

Transparency. I totally agree with that.

Suzanne – Guest (26:43):

Transparency. And what else? I would say choose your top five numbers to monitor. Don’t over-complicate it. But it might be your revenue, it might be a daily target. Count down that target every day. And then suddenly the team starts coming up with ideas quickly. We’ve got three days left, and we need to find $5,000. What else can we do? So they’re coming up with the solutions. It could be average hourly rate that you charge. It could be the number of new clients in the dentistry chair. Choose your five key numbers. Get your accountant to help you with that. So champion, share it with your team. Choose your top five numbers. Don’t make it overly complicated. And then go for it.

Kylie – Host (27:30):

Love it. Well, I’ve done those.

Suzanne – Guest (27:32):

You have?

Kylie – Host (27:32):

Thanks to you.

Suzanne – Guest (27:33):

And how are you going with that?

Kylie – Host (27:34):

Yeah, really good. Thank you. So you’re going to tell me why you walked up to me.

Suzanne – Guest (27:40):

So as you know, I met you at the Penrith Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Kylie – Host (27:42):

Yes, you did.

Suzanne – Guest (27:43):

Really great chamber, by the way.

Kylie – Host (27:44):

It is amazing.

Suzanne – Guest (27:44):

So just a bit of, I’m also the vice president, so I’m going to throw that in there. But wow, what a great way to meet people that are going through exactly the same thing, sharing the same worries as you. We’re all the same. The chassis of a business is exactly the same. No matter what trade you’re in, what business you’re in, the core of running a business is the same. So we’re facing the same issues as business owners. So Penrith Valley Chamber of Commerce, see you there. So I saw you standing at the back of a room in one of the events, and I thought, oh. I had met you once or twice, I think. So I thought, there’s something wrong with this lady. You weren’t standing up straight. You were really huddled over the table. You were actually in pain. And my first words to you was, “Hi Kylie, how are you? Are you okay?” Do you remember that?

Kylie – Host (28:43):

I think I do.

Suzanne – Guest (28:44):

Yeah. And you said, “Well, actually I’m in a lot of pain.” And then I just said, “Do you want to have a coffee? Do you want to talk about stuff?” And then you mentioned a couple of things, just like, “I’m just really tired in the business and whatever.” And I said, “Well, let’s just catch up for a coffee then.” And then we just had a conversation.

Kylie – Host (29:05):

And then the is history.

Suzanne – Guest (29:05):

The rest is history.

Kylie – Host (29:06):

The rest is history. Yes. Is that the coffee we had up at Glenbrook? I remember that day.

Suzanne – Guest (29:11):

It was near The Coffee Club.

Kylie – Host (29:14):

Oh, that’s right. Yeah. But I remember, before that, I came and had a coffee with you when I first joined the collective in the Chamber, getting to know everyone.

Suzanne – Guest (29:23):

That’s right.

Kylie – Host (29:23):

I came up, and I remember going home and saying to Anthony, “I like that woman.” I said, “I’m going to work with her.”

Suzanne – Guest (29:30):

Yeah, isn’t that funny?

Kylie – Host (29:31):

Yeah. And then I think about six, it was not that long after we had that conversation at The Coffee Club.

Suzanne – Guest (29:37):

Yeah, that’s right.

Kylie – Host (29:38):

We started the process. So thank you. So you’ve helped us grow the business. We’ve implemented everything that you’ve told us, or that you recommended, not told us. A very gentle way.

Suzanne – Guest (29:59):

Am I? Sometimes I can get really tough.

Kylie – Host (29:59):

No, but I think we needed it. We needed it. And I think being in business with your partner as well is kind of hard because you’re so close to each other.

Suzanne – Guest (30:07):

That’s the hardest business model.

Kylie – Host (30:07):

The love, money, it all kind gets inter-weaved. And you’re right, when I did meet you that first time I was over the business because I wanted to grow and I could see the end plan. And Anthony just loves what he does and I couldn’t get him to employ someone else. But now that we have, we’re just not looking back. It’s just full steam ahead.

Suzanne – Guest (30:31):

A lot of people don’t know how to grow it.

Kylie – Host (30:34):

And that’s why I just wanted to get you on again to talk about that and to let people know that. Well, you see people and you think that they’re successful. They still do struggle and they still do need help. We all need help every now and then. And I will sing your praises until the cows come rolling home.

Suzanne – Guest (30:53):

Oh, Thank you, darling.

Kylie – Host (30:56):

Because it’s true, you do need a champion. And you are definitely Creo Wealth’s champion. My champion. You’re mine.

Suzanne – Guest (31:01):

And I love working with you and Anthony. I think you know I do, so it is.

Kylie – Host (31:02):

Love you, darling. So Suzanne, thank you so much.

Suzanne – Guest (31:11):

My pleasure.

Kylie – Host (31:12):

Sorry, I just want to finish. When is the Millionaire Mindset for Men kicking off again?

Suzanne – Guest (31:15):

22nd of August. So is that two weeks time?

Kylie – Host (31:19):

How can they?

Suzanne – Guest (31:20):

Go into our website. You’ll see this big yellow line, Millionaire Mindset for Men in Business.

Kylie – Host (31:27):


Suzanne – Guest (31:28):

Put yourself out there. Back yourself a hundred percent. Because there is no risk. Because if you don’t get your money’s worth. I guarantee you, you will.

Kylie – Host (31:37):

Do it.

Suzanne – Guest (31:38):

There’s no such thing. There’s just no such thing.

Kylie – Host (31:40):

No, that’s right.

Suzanne – Guest (31:40):

You’ll have so much fun. You’ll find the energy again in the business, you’ll know exactly how to grow your business. You’ll learn so much information that you probably won’t know what to do with all of it. So it is heavy in content, but we want to give you the knowledge first. It will take some time for you to implement, but we give you a little bit of homework each week. And implement just one or two of those things and then watch it. Just watch your business.

Kylie – Host (32:10):

And you kind of store that information for when you need it.

Suzanne – Guest (32:12):

Yeah. You can’t unlearn it.

Kylie – Host (32:14):

And you’re like, “Oh, that’s right.” So, thank you again, Suzanne.

Suzanne – Guest (32:18):

My pleasure. Thanks for having me. Super fun.

Kylie – Host (32:22):

I love having you. Thank you.


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