Money Personality Quiz

by 30 Oct 2023Money Management


1. What's your go-to strategy when you receive your paycheque?

Create a detailed budget for the month ahead.
Spend some, save some, figure out the rest later.
Direct a large chunk into my savings account.
Shopping spree, here I come!

2. How do you feel about tracking expenses?

Essential for financial health. I do it religiously.
Annoying, but I do a quick check once in a while.
I focus more on saving than tracking expenses.
What's tracking? I spend as I like!


3. A friend invites you to an impromptu weekend trip. What do you do?

Politely decline. It's not in the budget.
Go, but make sure to limit spending on the trip.
Take money from my savings for the trip.
Book first-class tickets and a luxury suite!


4. What's your take on investments?

A diversified portfolio is key to long-term stability.
I invest here and there when it catches my interest.
Why invest when you can save with zero risk?
Are designer bags an investment?


5. How do you tackle unexpected expenses like car repairs?

I've got an emergency fund for that.
Swipe the credit card and figure it out later.
Dip into savings, then rebuild it over time.
Cut back on other luxuries but the repair gets done.


Disclaimer: This quiz and its results are provided solely for entertainment purposes and are not intended to be a substitute for professional financial advice, analysis, or recommendations. The quiz does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs.

Be advised that we have not considered your personal objectives, financial situation, or needs as would be done in a personalised financial consultation. Before making any financial decisions, you should consider the appropriateness of the information in relation to your own circumstances and consult with a licensed financial advisor.

By participating in this quiz, you acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for your own financial decisions and that Creo Wealth is not liable for any decision you make or action you take based on this quiz.

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Kylie is the Yin to Anthony’s Yang.

With a Diploma in Financial Planning, she’s spent over 25 years in the financial services industry, using her knowledge and skills to successfully weave an adoration of style and travel, alongside business, into her life.

While Kylie brings experience and knowledge from brands like ANZ, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch, she also brings heart and inspiration to Creo Wealth. This shows in how she manages the Creo Wealth team who feel appreciated by Kylie (oh, and Anthony too!)

But Kylie’s heart and inspiration doesn’t stop there. She’s a huge spender and certifiable shoe addict. This, along with her upbringing, means Kylie truly understands how hard it is to get in touch with your money story.

She’s on a mission to educate people to help them understand their money story. And then give them the tools to begin rewriting it. Kylie loves to use her stylish shoes to kick-start people’s confidence to set and reach their financial goals.

And the fun part for Kylie?

She always looks classy when she challenges Anthony for that last M&M.